Dr Adam Kramer, DO

Lee's Summit Medical Center is excited to introduce you to our surgeons offering da Vinci® Single-Site® Cholecystectomy, including Dr Adam Kramer, DO. At Lee's Summit Medical Center, we have seen significant evolutions in minimally invasive surgery over the past few years that have transformed general surgery. Just since December 2013, patients coming to our hospital for gallbladder removal have experienced an even more advanced minimally invasive option that is providing them with great surgical results.

The da Vinci Single-Site Cholecystectomy is performed using the robotic-assisted da Vinci Surgical System. The surgeon controls the da Vinci System to translate hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. The da Vinci System also features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system. As a result, da Vinci enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision and precision.

With da Vinci Single-Site Cholecystectomy, we can offer the following potential patient benefits:

  • Low rate of major complications
  • Low conversion rate to open surgery
  • Virtually scar-less results
  • Minimal pain
  • Short hospital stay
  • Low blood loss
  • Low rate of wound infection
  • High patient satisfaction