RevUP, a community health and wellness program of Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation and Lee’s Summit Medical Center—a hospital in the HCA Midwest Health System, Kansas City’s largest healthcare network—have teamed together to offer a broad range of health and wellness programs to area employers, their employees and the community.

“Lee’s Summit Medical Center is a growing hospital that provides outstanding hospital care. The hospital also has the desire to impact health and wellness in the community, so they are the logical partner in this new program,” says Tom Lovell, Administrator of Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation.

Through the partnership, RevUP and Lee’s Summit Medical Center provide health risk assessments to individuals and then develop specific programs to help individuals learn about lifestyle changes that are unique to each individual’s health risks and health conditions. Lee’s Summit Medical Center is the partner who offers employers and their health plan block time for preventative care such as screening service for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, routine blood tests, cholesterol level, and osteoporosis risk, as deemed appropriate by a physician. The hospital is also the provider for multiple health plans for employer-sponsored flu immunizations and other adult preventative examinations.

The day-to-day choices individuals make impact their lives and their health. The foods they choose to eat, the amount of exercise they get, and how they manage stress, and a variety of other lifestyle choices affect health. Maintaining health is important in order for those who pay for healthcare to hold down costs.

The best way to contain healthcare costs is to encourage healthy lifestyles. To support employee health, employees need to know their risks and how to monitor them.

Regular screenings as deemed appropriate by a physician can help detect illness in the early stages, when the disease can best be treated. The first step in disease prevention is knowing when and how often to be checked. The RevUP and Lee’s Summit Medical Center partnership has already made an impact.

“We first offered the RevUp program to our own Lee’s Summit Medical Center employees, as a compliment to the HCA employee wellness programs,” says DeeDee Hawman, Director of Human Resources at Lee’s Summit Medical Center. “The results have been outstanding. Several employees have gotten on a serious weight loss program and even more have gotten on track to managing their health by gaining a better understanding of their health risks.”

Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation, Lee’s Summit Medical Center and HCA, the hospital’s parent organization, have experience designing custom programs that address prevalent health conditions in a population. Successful initiatives that the partners have implemented have helped clients improve their health while working to decrease healthcare costs.

For example, during one 12-week RevUP session 94 percent of participants reduced their total cholesterol and 88 percent lost weight with a combination of diet and exercise.

The most expensive chronic health problems in the United States--obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension can be prevented, reversed or managed by making lifestyle changes. But change doesn’t come easy. Rev UP and Lee’s Summit Medical Center are out to make change easier for the community and area employers by offering health and wellness services.