Lee's Summit Medical Center
September 24, 2012

Lee’s Summit Medical Center is offering a new technique for the treatment of patients with bone, joint and tendon disease—an integrated ultrasound-guided way to inject medication to the exact site of pain.

“This special device that combines the ultrasound with the injection, allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the pain with great precision,” says Dr. Nathan Melton, orthopaedic surgeon at LSMC. “This increases the effectiveness of treatment and now getting an injection for pain is more tolerable for patients.”

This new device is a portable, laptop system with an ultrasound transducer and monitor attached to a thin needle.

Using the device, Dr. Melton can deliver medication to difficult-to-reach tissue with the touch of a button. He uses the imaging screen to guide an injection of medication, until he can precisely identify the point of inflammation.

There are big benefits to using image guidance with a smaller needle. The use of ultrasound to diagnose pain and deliver the injection is superior to other injections to increase pain relief and joint function. Ultrasonography can improve the diagnosis, accuracy and ultimate effectiveness of Injection Therapy.