Lawrence Bolton

Patient Story - Lawrence Bolton

Lawrence Bolton is the epitome of a genuine family man. His wife of 60 years, JoAnn, is his rock; his three sons, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren are his pride and joy. He enjoys building model airplanes, mosaic woodworking, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and spending what the 82-year-old Grandview resident calls “good old-fashioned quality time” with his family.

“That’s what life’s all about, right?” asks Lawrence.

So when Lawrence learned he had Stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in February 2010 after a visit to the doctor for stomach pains, the retired airline engine overhaul supervisor’s immediate thoughts turned to his family.

“One moment JoAnn and I were a happily married couple enjoying our family, and the next moment a doctor is sitting in front of me telling me I have cancer,” says Lawrence. “I was pretty low.”

But Lawrence’s oncologist, Jaswinder Singh, MD, of Midwest Cancer Care at Research Medical Center, ended up being much more than just his doctor. His gentle personality and positive attitude moved Lawrence to consider Dr. Singh a member of his extended family.

“How many times do you feel comfortable enough to hug your doctor when you visit him?” asks Lawrence. “Plus the nurses JoAnn and I encountered at Research Medical Center and Lee’s Summit Medical Center are like our very best friends. They make an absolute fuss over me and offer great support.”

Lawrence went through months of chemotherapy and scans, tests and blood work and now receives regular B-12 shots in addition to periodic scans. He says Dr. Singh’s personal style of communication helped put him and his family at ease. When the doctor told Lawrence his cancer was in remission, the thoughts of the dedicated husband, father and grandfather once again turned to his family and especially JoAnn.

“She’s not only the best wife a man could hope for, she’s a tireless caregiver,” says Lawrence. “That, along with Dr. Singh and his staff, helped me in my recovery.”

According to Lawrence, the experience he has had in his cancer journey with both Dr. Singh and the various medical professionals who treated him along the way has been amazing.

“We’re so grateful for the people we’ve met at Research Medical Center and Lee’s Summit Medical Center. Life really is wonderful for JoAnn and me,” says Lawrence. “We have a lot to look forward to.”

And for Lawrence, that bright future means building more crafts for his family to enjoy and anticipating a September Alaskan cruise to celebrate some milestones: the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary, his 83rd birthday and JoAnn’s 78th birthday.

“It’ll be a memorable trip,” says Lawrence.