At Lee's Summit Medical Center, our goal is to help you get back to your life, pain free. Our entire team of experts will work together to develop a treatment plan unique to your needs. We understand patients may need a variety of treatment options to help them heal, and in many cases treatment does not include surgery. That’s why our team is devoted to using proven methods of pain management and rehabilitation to help patients improve function and reduce pain.

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Physical Therapy

If you’ve lost strength, mobility and functioning because of an injury, illness, surgery or other health condition, physical therapy from Lee's Summit Medical Center can help. Our certified physical therapists work with your doctors and other specialists as needed to design a plan to help you reach your highest level of independence and functioning while managing related pain and symptoms.

Our physical therapists also offer or support targeted programs for specific conditions and needs, such as:

  • Sports Medicine, bringing together sports medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, nurses and strength and conditioning specialists to help athletes stay safe and improve their performance
  • Pelvic Floor Health program, for women who are dealing with urinary incontinence, pre- and post-partum challenges, post-surgical conditions and musculoskeletal problems
  • Aquatic therapy, walking and exercising in a pool to help stabilize movement and gait
  • Vestibular therapy, for balance disorders, dizziness and vision problems, including American Institute of Balance certified therapists

Occupational Therapy

If you need help living independently, productively and enjoyably because of physical, mental or other challenges, you may benefit from occupational therapy at Lee's Summit Medical Center. Occupational therapy can help you master tasks needed for your daily life and self-care.

Our occupational therapy team works with people of all ages with a wide range of problems, from adults recovering from stroke to children with developmental issues. We offer specialized care for lymphedema (swelling in the arms and legs), a common side effect of cancer treatment. Our certified hand therapist can help if your condition is related to an injury or disorder of the hand or upper extremities. Whether your challenges are related to a recent injury or a longstanding condition, occupational therapy can help improve your functioning, quality of life and future.

Talk with your doctor about scheduling an appointment with the rehabilitation team at Lee's Summit Medical Center.

Cross Your Arms to Relieve Pain

Next time you prick your finger with a needle or hit your thumb with a hammer, try this little trick to help dull the pain: Cross your arms.

When you experience something painful, an electrical impulse travels from the affected area of the body to your spinal column and then on up to your brain, which translates the electrical impulse into pain. But research suggests that you can confuse your brain -- and dull the pain -- if you simply cross your arms.

A Show of Hands

In a study, participants' hands were subjected to stimuli that ranged from mildly uncomfortable to slightly painful -- but nothing more intense than a pin prick. And they experienced the sensation either with their hands at their sides or their arms crossed over their middles. Then the study participants rated the pain on a 100-point scale. And results showed that the intensity of the sensations was significantly reduced when people's arms were crossed.

Fool Your Brain

Scientists speculate that this arm crossing somehow muddles the way the brain perceives pain. Normally, your brain maps both your body and the space around it. But if, for example, your left thumb is on the right side of your body and your thumb is hurting, the mismatch with the brain's body and space maps may confuse the brain just enough to throw off the pain-signaling process and dull the feeling.

Defeat Pain with Your Brain

Try meditation for a little mind-over-matter pain relief.

Information courtesy of Sharecare, Inc.