Chip Hennequin

Chip Hennequin is a fan of Gerald Dugan, M.D.—after all he’s undergone three surgeries with the board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Lee’s Summit Medical Center, including a left knee replacement in 2012 and left and right total hip replacements in May and Nov. 2016. » Read more about Chip Hennequin

Ernest Ferguson

During a magical trip to Disney World in April 2015, Lee’s Summit resident Ernest Ferguson realized his knee woes were getting in the way of having a good time. » Read more about Ernest Ferguson

Joan Schwartz

As far as Joan Schwartz is concerned, Gerald Dugan, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Lee’s Summit Medical Center is the bee’s knees. That old-fashioned phrase aligns with Schwartz’s sentiments following her left total knee replacement surgery in Nov. 2016—an experience that the 73-year-old retired kindergarten teacher had in Atlanta, under a different surgeon 15 years ago, that yielded much different results. » Read more about Joan Schwartz

Kaitlyn Shuey

Young female athletes are now two to eight times more likely to suffer an ACL injury compared to their male counterparts. Lee’s Summit Medical Center’s Dr. Matt Daggett provides tips to prevent ACL overuse and techniques overcome injuries. » Read more about Kaitlyn Shuey

Michelle Hudson

Flashback to fall of 2017— Michelle Hudson had a story to tell and she needed someone to listen, specifically a surgeon. Over the years, the 39-year-old Bonner Springs, Kansas, resident had endured seven surgeries to her right shoulder as a result of overuse, injuries and trauma suffered during her college softball career. » Read more about Michelle Hudson

Spencer Johnson

It used to be when you heard of an athlete with an ACL injury it meant a lot of time in recovery and on the bench. But when local high school athlete, Spencer Johnson, faced that possibility, he found Lee’s Summit Medical Center and Dr. Matthew Daggett to help him defy the odds. » Read more about Spencer Johnson

Warren Brown

“I had just had it,” says Warren Brown, describing his decision to have left knee replacement surgery in June 2015. » Read more about Warren Brown

Wendy Mabrey

Wendy Mabrey is motivated by an exercise routine—the 55-year-old Lee’s Summit resident committed a long time ago to a life of good health, thanks to her father who taught the importance of physical fitness. » Read more about Wendy Mabrey

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